Saturday, July 10, 2004

This blog is fully airconditioned

Temperatures are rising here in Japan. We've had peaks of 36 degrees Celsius (that would be about 97 in Fahrenheit), but the major problem for a northwest-european like me is the humidity. Get outside for exactly two nanoseconds and the first sweat drops start appearing on your forehead. Maybe if I could stop time at the first nanosecond I would actually believe heaven's weather feels like this. But it doesn't. So at days like these, after drinking the night before, I prefer to stay inside, do some research, enveloped by the artificial cold air produced by my best buddy Hitachi. The curtains closed, I have created my own space, the box is sealed. All contact with the outside passes electronic media: cell phone, tv, internet. The age of communication, inside a box. What if I were to open the curtains, could it be snowing? Yes, it's winter. Thank God I don't have to go outside in this freezing climate.


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