Sunday, October 17, 2004


I recently purchased a new (well, second-hand) camera: the Nikon F-70, and therefore said goodbye to my Sony Cybershot for a while. So I suppose it'll take a while before I upload new pictures @ my fotolog.

I took my analog baby for a late afternoon hangover-walk in the neighbourhood, shooting some pics for a series I'm thinking of making entitled: "Good day for laundry" (洗濯日和). And I must say, for some reason, I truly sensed the difference in approach between shooting some snapshots digitally and patiently composing a picture with the analog camera. Of course, it's different, I can hear you shoot-shout into the void. [Shields are up] Yes, but also different in the way I personally perceive the objects that I'm shooting. Whenever I took pictures with my digital camera, I thought of impact; big black lines suddenly disrupting a nice view, or a white light bulb in its pure essence,... especially because most of my digital shots are meant for uploading -read: toying- purposes. Although the line of distinction is hard to draw here, I consider analog photography to be more introvert, a somewhat more poetic form of expression.

Some (because I can never remember their names) of my favorite poet-photographers - in no particular order:

1. Wolfgang Tillmans
2. Kawauchi Rinko
3. Elisa Sighicelli
4. ...

(!re-edit likely!)