Sunday, January 23, 2005

A probe up your nose in bits and pieces

"You're a really nosy guy. You should stop probing into other people's lives."

But that's, I believe, what I have come to do here on this planet: probe. As a man, I was born to probe women, both physically and mentally. As a human being, I was born to probe my surroundings. Maybe the whole reason why I live, is because there is an environment I actually am able to live in. And maybe the whole reason why the world exists, is because I (we) need an environment where I (we) can live. Zero-thinking, re-flux, baby.

Let's hop around in a circle and smile at the camera.

But as I said, I was born to probe. To be nosy, to incessantly investigate my surroundings. Out of pure necessity though. An extremely wary person, I find it hard to belief in something beautiful and pure. I do not believe in it. Oh yes, I have built Utopia with my bare hands, but for some reason there isn't even one insurance company willing to help me secure its future.

You know, back in the old days, people would say: "Don't cry, the camera's rolling." Now they say: "Oh come on, cry! The camera's rolling!".

The thing is, though, although it kills me probing deeper and deeper into something which is by definition completely uncertain and is merely based on whatever I have gotten into my head, simplicity would also kill me. Do we really want to know the truth? Colgate white and fluffy clouds. Zero-thinking, re-flux, baby.

Utopia, I still believe.

Someone, once said near the end of his life:

"My whole life I have been looking for the answer. Now, finally, I have found it, but I forgot the question."


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